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Ornamental Fences

Rock Valley Fence is proud to offer ULTRA aluminum fencing. Ultra fencing is made to your exact specifications in the USA and is available in White, Satin White, Black, Satin Black, Bronze, Satin Bronze, Forest Green, Beige and Satin Kaki. Professional products installed by professionals.


Arch Double Gate


Arched Single Gate


Operated Double Drive Gate


Operated Double Drive gate


Ornamental Picture 1


Ornamental Picture 2


Ornamental Picture 3


Ornamental Picture 4


4' Spear top with tri-finals and ball caps

Give your home the look of a country estate with our aluminum ornamental fencing. Our grooved rails are reinforced to give your fence the strength and durability to match its beauty.


4' 2-rail pool fence flat top

Designed for your swimming pool to help prevent climbing.


4' 3-rail pool fence

Meets BOCA code for your swimming pool. Specifically designed to prevent climbing.


4' 3-rail flat top

The traditional flat to ornamental fence


4' Flat top with spear

Spears are underneath the top rail for added design.


5' Staggered w/ brick columns and puppy bars

Easily attached to any structure. Add puppy bars to keep your little dog from getting out.


4' Staggered Spear


4' Scallop Spear - White

Colors available include- Black, Bronze, White, Green and Beige